What is Calcified Red Algae

A seaweed-derived multi mineral source

A seaweed-derived mineral source, Calcified

Red Algae used in both Ocean Calcium and

Ocean Calm is rich in calcium, magnesium and

74 other trace minerals including zinc, iron and

selenium. It is produced from the red algae, Lithothamnion species, which is found in just

three locations in the world, including the

Westfjords of Iceland.

​The algae is extracted under an extensive sustainability management programme supported by the Icelandic Marine Institute, the Local Government Environmental authorities and Organic Certification bodies. This is done to ensure the natural regeneration and to safeguard this unique mineral source.

Only the calcified, non-live form of the marine plant is extracted. It is not coral – it is a 100% plant based mineral that has calcified over time. During its growth phase, these algae absorb essential minerals from the sea giving them their unique multimineral content. The algae then break down naturally and settle on the sea bed. These calcified skeletal remains are harvested, washed, dried and milled and finally incapsulated in vegetable capsules. Nothing else is added to the ingredients

The calcified red algae has a unique naturally porus honeycomb structure (see picture) that ensures slow and effective release of calcium. This, along with the synergy of it's range of minerals, increase bioavailability and bone absorbtion and enhancing utilization by the body.

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