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A few years ago, I had a nasty kidney stone, very painful, it was half way between my kidney and bladder, so they had to go and retrieve it. Since that time, I have had cat scans to see if there have been any other formations (in the form of crystals) and I drink 4 glasses of Crystal Light lemonade (citric acid) a day. I have been taking 1 tablespoon of Salba in am and pm each in a 12 oz glass of lemonade. Last week, cat scan showed NO crystals in kidney and my blood sugars at 2pm and prior to bedtime and in the morning are very good.


The other thing I noticed is that my ankles are not swelling anymore and the fibre keeps everything moving through. Well, I am about to purchase my 2nd Salba order, possibly two cans this time as I am going to Ireland in April and plan to grind enough for the trip of 13 days. It is so mixable, and my blood sugars are so very good now, hard to believe for sure. Feel great too! I took a total cholesterol test when I started and will take one next week to see if there is a change in that also.


M. Carlson - Genoa, Wisconsin

After two weeks of taking the Salba my husband asked me what happened to my stomach. Before the Salba, no matter what I ate or took I had indigestion, constipation, cold hands and feet, low energy, as well as fluctuation in my blood pressure. I have personally found that the best results for me included taking 1 tbsp of gel-forming Salba seed in the morning followed by a cup of hot lemon water, and 1 tbsp of gel-forming Salba seed before bedtime. In addition I add ground Salba to soups, salads and baking. Have never felt better, thanks Salba.


S. Chegwin – Woodstock, Ontario

For months I was having stomach difficulties. Anytime I would lie down I would suffer from severe indigestion and was unable to keep any food down. Needless to say, I slept sitting up all the time. I was subscribed several different types of medication and nothing worked. Sharon introduced me to Salba and after taking the product for only 1 day I was sleeping in my bed. After two weeks of taking the Salba I decided to take a break from it to find out if it was truly the Salba that was making me feel better. The next day I was back sleeping in my chair again. For me, I feel that I get the most benefit from taking 2 tbsp of gel-formed Salba seeds by itself in the morning. In addition to sleep, I have lost

inches and regained energy. Now I have a $700.00 chair for sale, any takers...?

Thanks Salba


M. Lou – Woodstock, Ontario

Today, my family started our annual pre-spring cleaning of our back my surprise I found myself to be physically in better shape now than perhaps 15-20 years ago and perform the heavy labor to prepare the grounds as required.  Its amazing that when you are in the regime of taking Salba you don't feel super power wellness until you put your body to task. The contents within the Salba seed seems to resonate, or perhaps it is better said if one sees the effects of Salba to be physiologically synched, or in harmony within our body organisms.


...well after taking Salba for 28 days I find myself with more info to share with You. If this info is of value to You by all means please use what might be of interest. After having taken medication for nearly 20 years, with which I never reached my current plateau readings of 123/72 with a pulse rate of 65, I'm happy to inform You that I have reached my personal goal that I have longed to reach. I weaned myself from my medication (Lotrel 10 mg) after 3 days of having started on Salba (2 1/4); I started tracking the readings, which decreased in a linear rate to its present bottomed out status. Having started this excursion I never felt any unusual symptoms, i.e. light headed or dizziness, which I usually felt with prescription(s).


E. Guerrero – Dallas, Tx

Before taking Salba my blood sugar fluctuated up and down usually on the high side. I found that after taking the Salba my blood sugar is more stable, especially during the night. I also feel that my circulation is better and energy level is way up.


My routine includes taking 2 tbsp of gel-formed Salba seed in the morning and tbsp before bed. Also throughout the day I sprinkle Salba on yogurt, cereal and salad. By incorporating Salba into my daily routine as well as a healthy diet including exercise I have lost a considerable amount of weight. The product contains the vitamins and protein that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. I would recommend this product to anybody and especially all diabetics.


C. Curtis – Cambridge, Ontario

I am diabetic. After reading your interesting Post story about the “super grain” Salba [“Return of a Super Grain,” Nov./Dec. 2005 Saturday Evening Post], I decided to try it. How glad I am that I did!


After taking Salba for only a week or two, I noticed my energy level had risen. I also lost four excess pounds very quickly. I used to snack a lot, but after starting Salba, I would go to the fridge, look in, and decide; I really wasn’t hungry.  Salba has also lowered my blood glucose readings. My levels would always spike after meals, and with Salba they remain lower and more constant. I take it first thing in the morning so that I have plenty of time to use up the extra energy before bedtime.


My favourite use is in sugar-free yogurt at breakfast, but I also put it in soup, cereal, and salads. I have experienced a noticeable improvement in vim, vigor, and mood.


J. Rose – Indianapolis, IN

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