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Enzymes are biocatalysts, essential protein molecules that dramatically speed up chemical and biological reactions in living organisms


Unlike enzymes found elsewhere, such as in land flora and fauna, ‘marine’ enzymes are adapted to function in the depths of the ocean at freezing temperatures


When subjected to room temperature they become ‘super-active’ and far more powerful than other land-derived enzymes


Other enzymes lower their activity and almost die at room temperature


When used in skincare, marine enzymes have many effects, depending on concentration and type.

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Another important factor is the source environment

Marine Enzymes in the Dr Bragi Formulations

The enzymes used are from the pure environment of the ocean, and not from the multi-polluted environment of the land


Also important is that the enzymes do not cause immune reactions, and hence do not cause allergies


They are also safe to use while pregnant, on children

and around the eye contour


The primary enzyme used in these formulations is Penzim,

which was patented in 1999 for cosmetic and pharmaceutical use


Penzim continues to be the subject of clinical studies around the world

Bottle alone Bottle alone Graph 1 Bottle alone Bottle alone Graph 2

This graph shows the relative activity of our primary marine enzyme – Penzyme – against the pH.


One can see clearly that its activity peaks at a pH of approximately 7.5.


A neutral pH, and indeed the PH of water is 7.


Soaps have a PH of between 8-10

This graph shows the relative activity of the marine enzymes used in Dr. Bragi formulations compared to Non-marine enzymes  


Skin temperature is about

25-30º Celsius


At this temperature the activity of a marine enzyme is dramatically greater than a flora or fauna enzyme, which has reduced in activity to almost zero

Penzyme: Activity vs pH

Enzyme Activity: Temperature Comparison